Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 1, 2009: Steve Earle - "Hard-Core Troubadour"

Despite the fact that he did not release an album in 2008, Steve Earle was probably the artist to whom I listened to most over the year. I have been a fan for several years, but it was this past year that I really dove in to his entire catalog.

I'm sure that the political fever of the summer (and the content of Earle's recent work) and my addiction to The Wire were gateways, but it was the greatness of the music and the songs that kept him on my stereo so frequently.

"Hard-Core Troubadour" is from Steve's 1996 album I Feel Alright, his second album following his prison release and newfound sobriety. The title of the song has become a moniker of sorts for Earle. And, damn... the song just rocks.

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