Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11, 2009: Miss Alex White & The Red Orchestra - "Space and Time"

It's funny how one can be so diligent about a routine or behavior for so long, and then find it so hard to get back on the horse after one little slip off. That's my excuse for the long and unannounced Greatest Song of the Day hiatus.

Things have been busy. My nights have been full of record label work, tax preparation (finally done with that as of tonight), puppy walking and playing, and fantasy baseball draft preparation. Free time has been spent with my wife whenever possible. Most nights, I have the thought, "Damn, I need to get Song of the Day rolling again," but find myself unable to follow through.

Now I have new inspiration, though. If you're on Facebook, you have no doubt been privy to the "25 Random Things About Me" phenomenon, and all its spawn. One descendant of that trend is the "25 Albums That Changed My Life" chain. After a lot of thought, I have decided to do participate in that one. My catch is that I'm going to be revealing the list one at a time, in chronological order, on Greatest Song of the Day by showcasing a song from each of those 25 albums. Yes, there will be skeletons outed. Expect that to start no later than Friday. There are a couple of things that I need to track down digitally before I can begin.

In the meantime, enjoy the fine title track from Miss Alex White's excellent 2007 album on In the Red Records. My wife is always on the lookout for more "chicks who rock" and I keep meaning to have her give this record a spin. This is for you, Sweetie!

"Space and Time"

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Hey thank you! Check out White Mystery too while you're at it: