Friday, December 5, 2008

December 5, 2008: The Ghost of Sean Arthur Peterson - "True Love"

Coming off a spell of far more stress and negativity than I am accustomed to, not to mention more than the people around me are used to witnessing from me, Wednesday afternoon's call, out of the blue, from Sean Peterson was just what I needed.

Sean is just about the most positive person on this planet. He exudes goodness. I am fortunate to know many amazing musicians, but Sean was the first person I thought of to ask to sing at my wedding. He amazed Maria and I by not only singing at our wedding, but by writing a song specifically for us for the wedding. (Not this song, though it very well could have been.)

I had lunch with him yesterday. He gave me a proof of his childrens book Len, which is coming out within the month (it's amazing), gushed about his new job as a "scientist," and talked about music.

The Ghost of Sean Arthur Peterson (essentially Sean and Chad Giblin) is about to head in to the studio to record a proper album. This has been years in the making. It should be out on Heart of a Champion sometime in 2009. I am assuming that a more fleshed out version of "True Love" will appear on that album. For now, though, enjoy this exclusive demo version... today's Greatest Song of the Day.

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